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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hawes..... Eventually

We have just returned from a great week staying at the caravan club site in Hawes. http://www.caravanclub.co.uk/caravanclubapps/applications/uk-caravan-sites-and-parks/SiteDetails.aspx?csid=21840
Although the week started on somewhat of a low ( entirely my fault ) it ended on a high.
We set off from home on Saturday morning and made good time heading up the A1 to Leeming Bar before heading off on the A684 through Bedale and Leyburn before reaching Hawes around lunch. We joked on our way into reception that we were 15 minutes before the earliest check in time and wondered if we would be made to wait, after being greeted by a very pleasant warden the joke turned on us as she muttered the words" sorry but we have no record of your booking".
After a few seconds of panic on our behalf and a bit of further investigation it turned out I had booked Sunday to Sunday.... For the first time ever we had arrived a whole day early. I couldn't even begin to gloat as it was me that had booked the stay.
After abit more panic and after a lot of help from the warden we were booked into another site for the night, 20 miles back down the road at Leyburn not ideal but better than having to drive back home.
So off we set slightly embarrassed but relieved we had got somewhere, what we hadn't realised was that it was the Wensleydale show at Leyburn and hence lots of traffic. To add to the drama the car decided to show it's displeasure at all the queueing on the steepest hill by slipping the clutch. 
We did however make it to the site shortly after and in between a barrage of texts off family members poking fun at my little mishap made camp for one night.
We were to be joined later in the week by Emma's parents one of which, Gordon, took every opportunity to belittle my holiday planning skills, they were staying at Skeldale house B&B in Askrigg for the second half of the week .http://www.skeldalehouse.co.uk/
So after a good week we get to Friday and the planned BBQ is a washout therefore we decide to go for a meal at the Kings Arms in Askrigg,(http://kingsarms-askrigg.co.uk/) perfect for the in laws as it was literally across the road from their B&B so they could park the car up and have a drink.
After a very nice meal and lots of spitting spider red wine ( not me as I was driving ) we parted company for our drive back to Hawes and their short stroll back to their B&B.
Can you imagine the warm glow of satisfaction I felt when on the following morning Gordon tells us how when he got back to the B&B the landlords were waiting for him with his bags packed because believe it or not .... He wasn't booked in for the Friday night!!!!
Unable to drive anywhere a night sleeping in the car looked like it was coming, but luckily for them the landlady phoned around and found them a room in the same village.
Personally I think the moral of the story is, let the wife book the holidays then it can't be your fault.
But all turned out well mainly thanks to the lovely friendly people of the area who are more than happy to help, and after a shaky start we had a fab week in the Yorkshire Dales and we will be going back..... But I'm not booking it